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«International Conference on Application of Basalt Powder in Agriculture
Its advantages as fertilizer for agriculture»
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Cape Verde will host an international event on the theme « APPLICATION OF BASALT POWDER IN AGRICULTURE - Its advantages as as fertilizer for agriculture ». The event will take place from Septembre 26 to 28, 2022, at the Noble Hall of the National Assembly of Cape Verde, Praia.

Tis International Event, entitled BASALT CONFERENCE, focuses on the application of basalt powder in agriculture lasting three days, from Septembre 26 to 28, 2022. An « Integration Round Table and Debates » will close the event.

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Over the course of several decades, relevant applied research centers have achieved significant successes, which have resulted in a growing use of basalt powder in agriculture. Basalt powder offers unquestionable advantages over traditional chemical fertilizers in terms of increased agricultural production, increased efficiency of nutrient use by plants and by ensuring the good quality of the food produced, or for its relevant contribution to environmental protection and low cost of application.

The application of basalt fiber in industry, particularly in the construction, aeronautics, wind industry, electronics, shipbuilding, military industry, sports equipment, fireproof textile materials, and automotive industries, puts basalt fiber in the center of the present and future industrial development, because it has better physical and mechanical properties, greater strengthness and lightness, and is also resistant to shocks and corrosion. The application of basalt fiber in the industry thus presents itself as a growing alternative to the traditional fibers used in the manufacturing of polyhedral composites such as fiberglass, carbon fiber and aramid.

On the other hand, it is generally agreed that there is a close relationship between economic development and technological progress. The cooperation between universities, research and development centers, and the productive system has been strengthened in recent decades, involving various sectors and trends, notably in the chemical industry, microelectronics, biotechnology and particularly in the agro-food industry, where technical and technological progress is accelerated.

The Science, Technology and Innovation trio, involving various development actors, plays an important role in shaping the countries' development model and for the national and sectoral public policies, the growth, the improvement of the competitiveness and enhancing the economic and financial conditions of the productive sector, as well as improving the quality of life of the citizens.

Leading authors emphasize the importance of the cooperation between universities and industry, which can be established in four points: support for general research, support for cooperative researches, support in the knowledge transfer, and the effective technology transfer.

Universities are at the forefront of scientific innovation whereas it is in the companies, industries and services that the technical and technological changes oriented to the products, services and processes are driven. In this sense, the alliance between the University and Industry is a fundamental instrument for the development of the nations. In addition to its main fucntion of teaching and research, the University has a new and growing challenge in the area where it operates: the economic challenge.

It is in this context that the International Conference will be held with the theme «APPLICATION OF BASALT POWDER IN AGRICULTURE - Its advantages as fertilizer for agriculture».

Main objective of the event
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»To present the state of the art of research and application of basalt powder in agriculture and basalt fiber in industry;

»To disseminate the latest findings on technological advances and the application of basalt fiber in industrial innovation as well as future perspectives;

»To consolidate the results of the research carried out by African scientists on the application of basalt powder in agriculture as an alternative source of nutrients for tropical African soils, in addition to foster and encourage partnerships with their external homologues;

»To enter the application of basalt powder in agriculture as a viable and appropriate technology to the public policy orientation to diversify the types of inputs used in agriculture for soil fertilization in Africa;

»To analyse and set up the mechanisms and procedures to be adopted in the legislation and regulation of basalt powder marketing practices as an alternative to the traditional plant fertilizers and nutrients;

»To define and adopt strategies for the promotion of the basalt powder application technology in agriculture so that it can be taken as an appropriate medium for environmental sustainability and agricultural production, to meet the needs of the internal and regional market, in particular to meet the needs of family farming throughout the ECOWAS space and in Africa in general;

»To position the potential of basalt powder application in agriculture as a suitable mechanism for rejuvenating semi-degraded soils in ECOWAS and in Africa in general;

»To promote the creation of a network of researchers involving Universities, Research and Development Centers, Business Associations and Companies , both in the projects and programmes research and in the marketing of basalt powder for agriculture and the Basalt fiber for industry;

»To promote and consolidate the Cooperation and Partnerships University - Industry ;

»To issue a document where the most relevant works and communications presented at the event will be inserted and which will serve as a guide for future works.

Operation of The Programme
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The International Conference on «APPLICATION OF BASALT POWDER IN AGRICULTURE - Its advantages as fertilizer for agriculture » is organized in 8 (eight) thematic conferences and 2 (two) panels, with a duration of three days. Each moderator has the initial 10 minutes to enter the theme.

»After the intervention of the Speakers invited to each panel or conference, there will be a debate in which participants in general will have the opportunity to intervene actively.

»At the Conference, the Speaker, who will be a reference specialist on each theme, will have 1 hour and 45 minutes to present his theme, including the debate period.

»Registration, paper submission, as well as complete information, are accessible on the website www.basaltconference.com. Additional information may also be obtained through the e-mail address events@basaltconference.com or other contacts inserted in the said website, namely the Technical Secretariat of the Event.

»Also part of the event is a social programme where participants, in general, and guests, in particular, can enjoy a pleasant stay in Cabo Verde before, during and after the three-day event.

»For the participants in the event, the Organization and the partner airlines of the event organize flights originating in each of the countries of the participants to Cape Verde, both ways.For more information, please click here    .

»For those participating in the event and traveling in countries, making stops, before arriving in Cape Verde, the Organization and partner hotels organized accommodation and transfers in the countries of call, between airports and hotels, in both directions, as well as services catering and leisure programs in case of need.For more information, please click here    .

»Several packages and programmes of guided visits to the main points of tourist attraction, both in the city of Praia (capital of Cabo Verde) and in other Islands, are also available. Guided tours will also be organized at some basalt exploration sites in Cabo Verde.

»At night two periods of social programmes are reserved. On the first day of the event, a welcome reception will be organized for the delegations participating in the event and on the last day of the event there will be a gala dinner.

»The Technical Secretariat of the event will be permanently accessible and available to meet all the special needs of the participants in the event in question.

Conference framework
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The African continent is rich in natural resources. A high percentage of its population is engaged in food production. In addition, about 70% of this population live on agriculture with a contribution of women for 60 to 80% of the produced and traded food. Thus, Agriculture plays a catalytic role in driving African growth and wealth sharing. According to NEPAD data, 65% of the planet′s uncultivated fertile land are located in the African continent, 10% of the continent′s renewable freshwater resources and agricultural production have grown of 160% over the last 30 years.

Africa has currently about 1.3 billion inhabitants, representing 17% of the world's population. However, studies predict that this number will reach 4.5 billion by 2100, the equivalent of 40% of the world's population by the end of this century. This is mainly because the African continent is experiencing a declining mortality rate and a rising birth rate, with direct implications for both food supply and food security.

The agricultural sector in West Africa, where Cabo Verde is located, is both a challenge and an opportunity for regional development and for the projection of the region′s economy on a global scale. The West African economic bloc, consisting of 15 member states, about 400 million inhabitants, with very heterogeneous characteristics and a strong agricultural presence in their economies, has a high potential for the development of agro-industries and related industries. The private sector is dominated by micro and small companies and the population is predominantly young, thus facing the region with relevant challenges of internationalization of its companies. On the other hand, the digitization of the economy is still at an embryonic phase, despite the high penetration rate, with a great potential for the short-term economic development.

To overcome the poor performance of the region′s agricultural sector, substantial use of fertilizers is a prerequisite for successful efforts to improve agricultural productivity, thus addressing the growing challenge of meeting the population′s food needs, in terms of both quantity and quality. In June 2006, African leaders met in Abuja, Nigeria, with the goal of taking measures to live up to the importance of fertilizers for an African Green Revolution. The main outcome of this summit, the Abuja Declaration on Fertilizers for an African Green Revolution, confirmed the commitment of African Heads of State to achieve a rapid increase in fertilizer use on the continent, raising the average of 9 kg / ha in 2006 to at least 50 kg / ha in 2015. The Declaration also set out concrete actions and measures to accelerate the availability and accessibility of fertilizers on the continent, an objective that has not so far been achieved.

The average use of fertilizer in Africa is 10 kg / ha, equivalent to 10% of the world average, almost 20 times less than the Asian average (191 kg / ha) and 9 times less than the Latin American average (94 kg / ha). Poor use of fertilizers in Africa is mainly due to two factors: the high price of the fertilizers in view of farmers' weak purchasing power and the lack of alternatives offered to producers and farmers.

Over the last decades, relevant applied research centers, universities and governments have been looking for viable alternatives to traditional chemical fertilizers, aiming at increasing agricultural profitability, food quality and environmental protection. The application of basalt powder in agriculture and basalt fiber in industry has proved to be a solution to the challenges faced by the contemporary society, both now and in the future. It is in this context that Cabo Verde will host in 2022 an International Conference with the slogan «BASALT-THE WEALTH OF THE NATIONS».

The International Conference, 26 - 28 September 2022 is focused on the theme «Application of Basalt Powder in Agriculture - Its advantages as fertilizer for agriculture».

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Conference speaker guidelines
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Speaker Selection
»The selection of a Speaker for the International Conference is entirely independent of any commercial consideration and is based solely on merit as determined in consensus by the Organizing Committee of the Event.

»When a Speaker Proposal is received from a company or an individual that does not fully meet BASALT Conference Speaker terms & conditions, the BASALT Conference Organizing Committee will contact the company or the individual for further clarification, if applicable, before proceeding with the proposal evaluation.

»Please also note that for technology companies & commercial suppliers of research services there is a sponsorship requirement attached to BASALT Conference Scientific Council. For more information on this, please go to sponsors within BASALT Conference website.

Speaker Registration
»All Speakers participate by invitation-only.

»All Participants must register and pay a fee to access the BASALT Conference, as well accommodation and travel expenses.

»The International Conference is a premium event which has an exceptionally high quality production cost.

»BASALT Conference Organizing Committee believes that a policy in which all participants pay to access the Event ensures that a participation fee as economical as possible for all participants of the Event is maintained.

Speaker Timing-Format
»BASALT Conference Organizing Committee has adapted the speaker timing to maximize the interaction between speakers and participants. This gives as many participants as possible an opportunity to speak.

»The format of each Speaker′s stage presentation is assigned by the BASALT Conference Programme Board, and is based on the specific topic and overall number of Speakers in each session. The format of a speaker's on-stage participation on a topic session -- individual presentation, co-Speaker presentation, discussion panel participation, session moderation or other type of presentation -- are considered equally as 1 speaking slot.

»With the exception of Keynote Speakers, all individual Speakers are generally allotted a total of 7 minutes presentation time and co-Speakers a total of 10 minutes.

»As the BASALT Conference Organizing Committee represents a gathering of the industry elite, speaking at BASALT Conference is not only ideal to impart knowledge and experiences but also the basis for engaging in discussions between Speakers and participants. Speakers should adapt their presentations so that key learnings are communicated, clearly and concisely, within the allotted time, and refraining from any possible "sales" contents that is perceived to reduce the credibility of the insights presented and is not appreciated by the audience.

Speaker Presentation Format
»Most BASALT Conference presentation sessions have several Speakers presenting on the same topic. BASALT Conference Organizing Committee aims to provide a holistic, multi-angled view on each topic that is covered, with as many key industry representatives on stage to share their insights and experiences.

»Within each session, the time allotted for an individual Speaker presentation is 7 minutes and 10 minutes for co-Speakers, followed by a 3 - 5 minute Q&A session. This format aims to maximise the interaction between Speaker & participants, and to give as many experts as possible an opportunity to contribute. Each session is moderated by a state-of-the-art industry, research and development facility, technology institution, university, or other similar representative.

»All Speakers are provided with a standard BASALT Conference branded presentation template (Powerpoint) and a detailed speaker reference guide.

»For approved speakers, the deadline for receiving the final presentation is 31 August 2022.

Preparatory Session:
»30 days before the Event, BASALT Conference Organizing Committee requests each speaker and his session companions, if any, to allocate time for at least one preparation session by means of a conference call with the participant session moderator.

Guidance notes for presentation slides:
»If the speaker′s session is made for a 7 minute presentation slot, BASALT Conference Organizing Committee would not recommend preparing too many slides. The speaker should consider the most effective way to disseminate the information. Slides with too much detail or extensive content will take more time to cover than a slide holding a well-structured set of key points.

»The BASALT Conference Organizing Committee suggest Speakers to prepare 1 slide for every 2 minutes of presentation time.

Speaker Substitution, Addition or Cancellation:
»As speakers are chosen by the BASALT Conference Scientific Council for their specialist knowledge and communication skills, not because of the company that they represent, BASALT Conference Organizing Committee generally does not allows Speaker substitutions.

»If for some reason a Speaker needs to cancel their participation, the BASALT Conference Organizing Committee should be informed as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to speaker@basaltconference.com

»BASALT Conference Organizing Committee requests that, if possible, a suitable replacement recommendation should be provided. A recommendation is particularly helpful in case we do not have a Speaker on the waiting list for a specific topic.

»Any Speaker replacement or addition (in the case of a co-Speaker presentation) will need to be approved by the BASALT Conference Programme Board in advance of the Event, and the BASALT Conference Organizing Committee therefore appreciates timely considerations of any changes that may occur.

»BASALT Conference Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel a Speaker engagement should the Speaker fail to comply with deadlines and criteria for presentations. Should BASALT Conference find it necessary to cancel a Speaker for this reason, there will be no obligation on behalf of BASALT Conference Organizing Committee to refund any fees or costs related to the Speaker attendance to the BASALT Conference Event.

To Submit a Speaker Proposal:
»The applicant should review the conference theme, description and topics for the BASALT Conference Event.
»The applicant should use the proposal submission form to send a proposal that is relevant to the topic described.
»The official speaking proposal submission deadline for the Event 2022 is 15 August 2022. However, BASALT Conference Organizing Committee is pleased to accept proposals anytime, even before a Call for Speakers is issued, or after the deadline has passed. The applicant should note that after the deadline, as the BASALT Conference Scientific Council of the event has already started the process of selecting the speaker′s proposals, the sooner the proposals are presented, the more likely it will be accepted by the Scientific Council of the event.

»The BASALT Conference Scientific Council of the event prefers speaker proposals that include case studies and co-presentations. The Scientific Council may get in touch with the applicant directly should they need further information. It should be taken into account that the selection process can take several weeks.

»BASALT Conference Organizing Committee does not accept sales or marketing presentations.

»If the applicant will be coordinating participation on behalf of a Speaker, he should provide his contact information in addition to that of the Speaker.

»The applicant will be contacted if its proposal is accepted.

»Should the applicant has any questions about the status of his proposal, or has any other questions about the BASALT Conference Event Call for Speakers, he should email to speaker@basaltconference.com.

Upcoming Deadlines:
»The BASALT Conference Scientific Council meets once per year to review and select speaker the profile. The earlier proposals are submitted, the higher the probability it will have of being accepted by the Scientific Council.

»BASALT Conference Event has a limited number of speaker slots. BASALT Conference Organizing Committee is pleased to receive speaker proposals and these will be reviewed by the Scientific Council on a case-by-case basis. The applicant should contact the Organizing Committee as soon as possible indicating the conference topic of his planned proposal submission.

»Speaker Preparatory Conference Call: approximately 30 days before the Event.

»Deadline for Speaker final Presentations: 31 August 2022.

Speaker Benefits:
»Speakers are active stakeholders in our industry. One of the main benefits of presenting at the BASALT Conference Event is to share experiences, network with their peers, and to interact with the most influential community in science, technology, environmental protection, research and development, and university-industry cooperation. We promote the Event Speakers on our website, through our social media channels and in some selected press releases.

»The support of our sponsors and Partners are a critical part of our Event and a high-value interaction at our event would not be possible without them.

»Speaker proposals are accepted only upon the merit of the proposal, individual speaker, relevance of the topic, and a speaking slot being available. Speaker selection is determined in consensus by the BASALT Conference Organizing Committee of the event.


Available soon ...
1. Participants must complete the online form above, indicate the reference of the chosen package, attach proof of payment and send it.

2. As an alternative to online registration, participants must access the registration form available on this Link, choose the desired Pack, complete the registration form, sign it and attach it with the payment receipt and send it to the e-mail: finance@basaltconference.com/

3. Students, teachers, researchers, environmental technicians and farmers must attach proof of these qualities in order to benefit from the special conditions, which are provided, when accessing the International Conference on application of basalt rock powder in agriculture.

4. Registrations made before June 30, 2022 can be paid up to 3 installments, free interests.

The participant will receive a confirmation of his registration by e-mail.

until July 31
August 01 - August 31
later September 01
Packages for agricultural producers €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Packages for researchers €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for citizens €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for entities €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Accommodation €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Catering services €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Social event €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
until July 31
August 01 - August 31
later September 01
Packages for teachers €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Packages for students €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for citizens €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for entities €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Accommodation €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Catering services €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Social event €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
ITEM Environmental technicians and Nutritionists
until July 31
August 01 - August 31
later September 01
Packages for Environmental technicians €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Packages for Nutritionists €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for citizens €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for entities €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Accommodation €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Catering services €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Social event €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
until January 31
January 1 - Mars 15
later Mars 16
Farmers €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Conference attendees €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Conference non-attendees €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for citizens €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for entities €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
until January 31
January 1 - Mars 15
later Mars 16
Conference Registration for citizens €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Conference registration for entities €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for citizens €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Pre-registration for entities €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
until January 31
January 1 - Mars 15
later Mars 16
Option 1 €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Option 2 €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Option 3 €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Option 4 €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Option 5 €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Option 6 €000.00 €000.00 €000.00
Companion 75% of social functions cost
Farmers €000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 forconference non-attendees
Welcome Diner
Lunch Guest to Conference and Meals Only €000.00
Gala Diner €000.00
Welcome Tour €000.00
SANTIAGO ISLAND 75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees
SAO VICENTE ISLAND 75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees
75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees
FOGO ISLAND 75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees
SÃO NICOLAU ISLAND 75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees
SAL ISLAND 75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees
BOAVISTA ISLAND 75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees
BRAVA ISLAND 75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees
MAIO ISLAND 75% for Companion
€000.00 for conference attendees
€000.00 for conference non-attendees

All cancellations must be received in writing. In the event of force majeure, the free substitution of a registration for another participant is authorized, provided that it is requested in writing, at the latest fifteen (15) days before the date of the event and it does not no refund will be made. No refunds will be issued for additional activity fees unless the event is canceled. No cancellations will be accepted nor fees refunded 15 days before the event. There will be no refunds for no-shows. BASALT CONFERENCE is not responsible for cancellations mailed or faxed but not received. All refunds will be issued by 15 days after the event.


Who can participate in the Event?
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Universities, scientists, research and development centres, academics, students, companies, business associations, farmers, researchers, public and private entities interested in the supply and demand of business opportunities; supply and demand of business partnerships and experts; supply and demand of products (all types); supply and demand of services (all types); supply and demand of equipment (all types), as well as the general public of any country with which the Republic of Cabo Verde has a relationship can participate in the event.

How can I participate?
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To participate in the event «click here» and follow the Steps indicated.

In you need support please contact us by «clicking here».

Where can I get a visa to enter and stay in Cabo Verde?
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Entry visas to the territory of the Republic of Cabo Verde are obtained upon arrival in Cabo Verde, at the airport. For all information regarding visas for entry and stay in Cabo Verde, please «click here».

"See here" the summary of relevant legislation in Cabo Verde. «clicking here».

If you need support in organizing your trip, please «contact us».

Not being a guest speaker, can I present a communication at the event?
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Anyone who is properly registered to participate in the event and wishes to present a communication in the event can do so. However, the theme of the communication should be related to the theme of the event and the communication should be a vehicle for disseminating innovation.

The communication should be sent to the Organization in advance and will be previously evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the event.

In what language can I submit my communication?
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During the event, the participants have a simultaneous translation service in three languages: Portuguese, English and French. In this way, a participant's communication can be made in one of the three languages mentioned above.

How do I organize my air travel to participate in the event?
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The event has an official carrier of the event on all its routes. See here the conditions.

For routes where the official carrier of the event does not operate and the Organization does not make available to you partner carriers, you can and should consult your usual carrier.

If you need support, «contact us».

How do I organise my stay in Cabo Verde during the event?
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The event has a hotel chain which is the Official Hotel of the event for your stay in Cabo Verde. See here the Official Hotel of the event.

The Organization also makes available to the participants of the event a network of Partner Hotels of the event. See here the partner hotels.

The cost of your stay in Cabo Verde is included in the packages, including transfers.

If you need support, «contact us».

Which currencies can I use in Cabo Verde for eventual payments that I will have to make?
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In Cabo Verde any internationally convertible currency can be used. You can use the Euro and the USD, for example, and the Euro has a fixed parity with the national currency of Cabo Verde, the Escudo of CV (1 Euro = 110.265 ECV). In Cabo Verde, you can use the main international credit cards. For more information,consult here

What are the advantages of participating in the event?
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The advantages of participating in the event are numerous. Firstly, there is the possibility of listening to and interacting with some of the most renowned international researchers in the field of research, production and application of basalt powder in agriculture and basalt fiber in industry.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about the relevant impact and effect of applying basalt powder on agricultural productivity, the quality of the food produced, as well as its relevant effect on environmental preservation. This has a far-reaching impact on the growing challenges of food security and on the food security of an African population of over 1.3 billion people, most of whom are young and constantly growing.

Finally, you will also have the unique opportunity to meet companies, business people, potential partners, potential suppliers, investors and potential customers from different countries, namely Africa, Brazil and Europe.

Number of companies in Cape Verde
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Renewable energy penetration rate
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Tourism activity in Cape Verde
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Agricultural production
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People with mobile phone availability
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Population using a safe source of drinking water
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Population with access to electricity
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People with mobile phone availability
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Access to butane gas
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    EMERGYS is a private company with Cape Verdean capital and established under Cape Verdean law, 100% owned by the Grup ABRIMAR INVESTMENT, S.A., specialising in the investment project management; management of participations and management of international events, and acting in the global market.

    EMERGYS develops its activities in a geographic, economic and multicultural social context, personalising a culture of great business ambition, aims to be a reference in its field of activity and has its vocation spread over several related business areas.

    EMERGYS focuses its activities and its business strategy on its Core sector, putting itself at the service of the development of nations and the welfare of citizens, and the assumption of social responsibility is an integral and structuring part of its corporate action.
    In order to achieve these objectives, EMERGYS ensures respect for fundamental values ​​such as: responsibility, professionalism, integrity, independence, sharing of values ​​and an entrepreneurial vocation.

    Article 1
    Nature and scope
    This Deontological Code is applicable to EMERGYS and to all companies that, having approved it, are in a controlling or group relationship with EMERGYS, as well as to the Complementary Business Groups formed by these companies, without prejudice to other legal and regulatory provisions to which, by virtue of the exercise of their duties, the holders of their respective corporate bodies are obliged, as well as to permanent or occasional employees, representatives, internal and external auditors and other persons providing them services on a permanent or occasional basis are required by virtue.

    Article 2
    Internal Organisation
    1. Internal organisation

    1.1 In order to avoid the occurrence of conflicts of interest between the company and its customers, or among customers, and except where expressly permitted by law and the Board of Directors of EMERGYS or of the participated companies so decide, the different activities developed, allowed by law, shall be organised and managed autonomously.

    1.2 The organic structure of companies must allow, as far as possible, the assignment of employees exclusively to each activity, without interference in any other activity that may give rise to a conflict of interest.

    1.3 Organic units must ensure high levels of technical competence and should have the adequate technical and human resources to provide services and to make available products and services under appropriate conditions of quality and efficiency.

    2. The internal organisation shall also comply with the following principles:

    2.1 The segmentation of markets and the diversification of products and services presuppose, on the part of the employees, the correct and permanent identification of the specific needs of each customer, contributing in this way to intensify the relationship with the customer and his/her loyalty.

    2.2 The consideration of existing interconnections between the different specialised areas, aiming at the integral satisfaction of customers by obtaining the levels of quality and profitability that have been previously announced or contracted.

    Article 3
    Internal Operation and Control
    1. The different areas and organic units of EMERGYS and of each participated company must set the performance of their duties in full and systematic compliance with the internal control procedures adopted at each level, in particular those relating to segregation of duties, justification of technical, accounting and financial information, risk assessment and achievement of objectives, thereby ensuring the appropriate transparency of the activities carried out.

    2. The treatment of personal data of customers, financiers, investors, partners, suppliers and other creditors, with or without automated means, shall be governed by the security and confidentiality rules appropriate to the risk that the treatment of personal data presents, in particular, those relating to unauthorised access.

    3. For the purpose of the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, the complete physical and functional separation between business activities and the respective operational control services must be observed.

    4. The different organic units must ensure that customers are treated impeccably and contribute for their satisfaction, strive to ensure fair and timely handling of their complaints, and also to arrange the organisation of the archive and documentation in order to ensure their easy handling and identification in accordance with the needs of the internal and external audit functions and in compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions in force.

    5. In any case, EMERGYS, as well as the companies in which it participates, such as the organic units of those companies, shall take, in internal operation and in relation to each other, the necessary measures to avoid the occurrence of conflicting situations or misuse of information, in conditions that do not conflict with the legal provisions.

    6. The Company Secretary shall exercise the supervisory function of this Deontological Code and other internal regulations as well as the applicable norms and laws, carrying out permanent actions to verify and evaluate the internal control system of the company and associated companies.

    Article 4
    Information and Communication
    1. The provision of services, compulsory or optional, to the general public, to customers in particular or to the competent authorities, shall be carried out with strict observance of the principle of legality, in particular the applicable legal provisions and specific regulatory standards.

    2. Publicity about the company, the participated companies and their activities or products shall be promoted taking into account the legal discipline and specific internal regulations that apply to it.

    3. In advertising or marketing actions, consumer interests shall be taken into account and the principles of truthfulness, objectivity, clarity and timeliness shall be respected.

    Article 5
    General Duties in the Performance of Functions
    1. Employees are strictly prohibited from using for their own benefit or to the detriment of third parties any information obtained in connection with the professional activity.

    2. In the performance of their duties, employees shall conduct their performance by the highest standards of personal integrity and honesty, complying with all legal and regulatory provisions in force applicable to the activities to which they are attached, as well as all professional deontological standards envisaged in the Codes of Conduct that regulate the industrial, commercial and service provision activities.

    3. Employees in general and members of the management bodies in particular, as well as persons holding management, supervisory or similar positions, shall exercise with the diligence of a careful and prudent manager, in accordance with the principle of risk sharing and security of business activities, privileging the strict interest of customers, investors and the general public.

    4. In the performance of their duties or in the provision of their services, employees shall:

    4.1 Communicate promptly to the respective immediate superior any conflicts of interest or duties that may jeopardise the full observance of applicable standards of conduct;

    4.2 Take appropriate measures within their power to frustrate practices they are aware of and that include misuse of information or constitute an infringement of current regulations, and shall immediately inform this fact to the respective immediate superior;

    4.3 Observe market practices inherent to the activities they carry out, always following the strictest and most demanding ones;

    4.4 Ensure, by all means at its disposal, the protection of the assets of the company and of the participated companies, as well as the assets of third parties whose management has been entrusted to them;

    4.5 Maintain all information media inherent to their professional duties perfectly organised, performing the duties undertaken with transparency, good sense, effectiveness and prudence;

    4.6 Ensure the conservation of the equipment and other means of work placed at their disposal, avoiding the inconvenient use of them or the occurrence of wastes and therefore contributing to the efficient management thereof;

    4.7 Provide the customers and the general public with all the information requested, in harmony with the internal procedures in force and in full compliance with the strictness of professional secrecy;

    4.8 Timely report customer complaints to the immediate superior, who must ensure the forwarding of the complaints in accordance with the standards that, for that purpose, are in force at the moment in the company or in the entities to which this Code applies;

    4.9 Cooperate promptly with the supervisory bodies, in strict compliance with the legal limits, taking into account the scope of the specific assignments of those entities and in close connection with the audit entity, avoiding to obstruct the exercise of their functions.

    Article 6
    Public Statements
    Employees may only make public statements, grant interviews, in particular to the media, or intervene in any other type of manifestation of the same kind that may involve EMERGYS and the disclosure of facts or elements relating to the life of the company or companies in which it participates, provided they have obtained prior written authorisation from the Board of Directors.

    Article 7
    Normal Operating Period
    1. In the normal operating period which is fixed for any organic unit, no function shall be inaccessible, inactive, or with affected responsiveness.

    2. Each job holder is personally responsible for ensuring the normal responsiveness of the respective function during his/her absences or impediments, even if they are temporary, by mobilising for this purpose the forms of substitution that are superiorly established.

    3. Any restriction to full compliance with the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, in particular as a result of the shortage of staff present to ensure the combination of schedules, including the lunch period, shall be reported to the immediate superior to be adequately managed.

    4. In addition to the personal responsibility referred to in the preceding paragraphs, it is the responsibility of the management to ensure that the substitution processes, with adequate alternative response capacity, are guaranteed by all members of the respective teams.

    5. It is prohibited to claim as a justification of the impossibility of responding, especially in relations with the outside, the limitation of the ability to decide or the impossibility of doing so based on the absence or impediment of any employee.

    Article 8
    Competence, Diligence and Transparency
    1. Employees must contribute to ensure that all customers are given competent, diligent, impartial, transparent and discreet treatment in absolute respect of their interests.

    2. With regard to transactions on products marketed and services rendered, special consideration should be given to the following:

    2.1 Obtaining the best conditions that the market makes feasible to realise the sales, always respecting the instructions received from the customer;

    2.2 Prompt delivery of the sales order to the relevant sectors;

    2.3 The resulting savings to the customer, therefore, employees shall not perform or incite customers to make repeated purchases when they are not justified or are intended to charge commissions or reach any other purpose unrelated to the customer interest.

    3. They are especially forbidden:

    3.1 The sale on credit, except when authorised from above;

    3.2 The sale of products and/or services for the purpose of subsequently renegotiating the price for the satisfaction of customer orders previously received.

    Article 9
    Equality of Treatment
    Employees shall cooperate in order to ensure equal treatment for all customers and shall not discriminate between them which is not the result of the rights they are entitled to, either by virtue of the nature or priority of their work or by virtue of any other legal provisions or regulations in force.

    Article 10
    Prevalence of Customer Interests
    Absolute priority must be given to the interests of customers, in particular in the context of sales or provision of information, both in relation to the interests of the company, whatever its nature, and the interests of its employees.

    Article 11
    Conflict of interests
    1. All the necessary efforts shall be taken to avoid the emergence of conflicts of interest between customers, particularly at the level of sales or service provision, on advantageous terms to some at the expense of others.

    2. When conflicts cannot be avoided, they shall be resolved fairly, without privileging any particular customer.

    3. In order to avoid conflicts between institutions, on the one hand, and the company customers, on the other hand, employees shall bear in mind that they are not allowed, without prior knowledge and written authorisation of customers:

    3.1 To act as counterparty in the transactions they carry out on behalf of customers;

    3.2 To subscribe requisitions, orders, receipts or invoices on behalf of customers;

    3.3 To carry out, on behalf of customers, any other operations of a similar nature that may generate some conflict of interest with customers.

    4. Managers, directors and managerial staff supervisors are prohibited from developing or participating directly or indirectly in businesses whose areas of interest are conflicting with those developed by EMERGYS. This ban remains valid for a period of three (3) years after the breach of its relationship with EMERGYS.

    Article 12
    Cooperation with Customers
    1. In the performance of their duties, employees shall assure customers with the following:

    1.1 Clarifications and information leading to reasoned, consistent and informed decisions regarding the quality of products and services provided;

    1.2 Prompt and timely information on the execution and results of the operations carried out on behalf of the customer and on the occurrence of special difficulties or the impossibility of their realisation, in addition to any other facts or circumstances not subject to professional secrecy and which, by itself, can justify the amendment or revocation of orders or instructions they have formulated;

    1.3 For the purpose of what is established in the preceding paragraph, the level of knowledge, experience and professionalism of customers, on the one hand, and their position in the market, on the other hand, shall be considered.

    Article 13
    Rules of Conduct
    1. In the performance of their duties, EMERGYS employees shall base their performance on the highest standards of personal integrity and honesty, complying with all legal and regulatory provisions in force applicable to the activities to which they are attached.

    2. In particular, EMERGYS employees assume the obligation to adopt certain standards of conduct, materialised in particular through the following duties:

    2.1 Duty of responsibility – EMERGYS employees are responsible to the respective heads or competent social bodies to respect the applicable legal and internal regulations;

    2.2 Duty of professionalism – EMERGYS employees, at all times during their activity, shall dedicate their best effort to the tasks entrusted to them, continuously seeking to improve and update their knowledge, with a view to the maintenance or improvement of their professional capacities and the improvement of the functions they perform;

    2.3 Duty of integrity – EMERGYS employees shall refrain from receiving any kind of gratuity from third parties, as well as from adopting behaviors that may create in their interlocutors favouring expectations in their relations with EMERGYS, or with associated companies;

    2.4 Duty of independence – EMERGYS employees shall conduct their relations with third parties with the utmost seriousness and impartiality, defending the best interests of EMERGYS;

    2.5 Duty of confidentiality – EMERGYS employees shall keep absolute confidentiality in respect of all facts concerning the life of the company of which they are aware in the performance of their duties, or because of them, in order to avoid disclosure of facts and information which, in any way, could damage EMERGYS, and its associated companies or partners. Likewise, such employees shall not use this information for personal or third-party benefit.

    3. This Deontological Code complies with the principle of subsidiarity, that is to say, its observance does not prevent the simultaneous application of the specific rules of conduct of other professional groups as well as of the specific regulations of the specialised directorates or departments.

    Article 14
    Specific Duties
    1. Regardless of the rules of conduct mentioned in paragraph 2 of the previous article, EMERGYS employees recognize the existence of specific duties whose respect is essential for the proper operation of the company.

    2. Amongst the specific duties, whose existence is recognised, the following are highlighted:

    2.1 Duty of communication – Even if this is not prohibited by their personal status or contractual relationship, EMERGYS employees shall participate to their respective directorates or administrations any other professional activities they may carry out. The communication must take place before the beginning of the activity in question and the supporting document must be filed with the individual process of the employee;

    2.2 Duty of loyalty – EMERGYS employees shall put all their knowledge and skills into the tasks entrusted to them, as well as act with loyalty to coworkers, refrain from making improper comments on them, in order to cultivate and maintain a correct and cordial relationship among all, to develop and strengthen a strong team spirit and cooperation;

    2.3 Duty of parsimony – EMERGYS employees shall make a careful use of the assets entrusted to them in the scope of their duties, avoiding waste. Likewise, they shall not use, directly or indirectly, any assets of the company for the personal or third party's benefit;

    2.4 Duty of weighing – EMERGYS employees shall refrain from invoking their professional quality in situations outside the company, where such invocation is contrary to the interests of the company, as well as acting in the performance of their duties and beyond, so as to call into question the public image of the company.

    Article 15
    Other Duties
    1. EMERGYS employees in general and those whose activities are in direct contact with the public, in particular, shall contribute to ensuring that all customers are treated in a competent, diligent, impartial, transparent and discreet way, with absolute respect for their interests.

    2. EMERGYS employees in general and those whose activities are directly linked to the relationship with third countries, in particular, are prohibited, and shall strive by all means within their power, to publicly make considerations or make comments of a political or religious nature on those countries and, especially, they shall respect cultural differences, habits and customs. Failure to comply strictly with the provisions of this paragraph is considered a very serious and punishable offense.

    3. Whenever, in the course of their activities, EMERGYS employees are called upon to intervene in decision-making processes involving, directly or indirectly, organisations with which they collaborate or have collaborated, or persons to whom they are or have been linked by kinship or affinity, they shall communicate the existence of such links to their respective supervisors.

    4. Whenever, in the exercise of their activity, EMERGYS employees are required to enter into contractual relations with natural or legal persons providing services, namely partners, they shall demand and control for strict compliance with this Deontological Code and of the other norms and regulations existing in the company as well as of all applicable legal provisions.

    5. EMERGYS employees, who in any capacity have acquired relevant information capable of influencing the position of the company in the markets where it operates, such as estimates of results, significant acquisitions or partnerships, the taking or loss of large contracts, during the period prior to the respective disclosure, they shall not:

    5.1 disclose this information to third parties;

    5.2 transact securities of the company or associated companies, strategic partners or companies involved in transactions or relationships with EMERGYS, which constitute or may constitute in the future relevant facts.

    6. The principle of non-discrimination based on (ancestry) ancendant, gender, race, language, territory of origin, religion, political beliefs, and unionisation shall be observed in the relations between the corporate bodies of the companies associated with EMERGYS, its partners and its employees, as well as in the relations between employees with one another. Failure to comply strictly with the provisions of this paragraph shall be considered a very serious and punishable offense.

    Article 16
    Commitments and Links
    In the relations between the corporate bodies of the companies associated with EMERGYS, its partners and its employees, as well as in the relations between these employees with one another and with third parties, only written acts, duly authorised, will be taken into account for commitments and links of any type that empower EMERGYS. Verbal agreements are excluded.

    Article 17
    Disciplinary Action
    1. The violation by EMERGYS employees of the deontological rules contained in this Code constitutes a disciplinary offense punishable under the applicable disciplinary regime, without prejudice to civil, administrative or criminal liability that may occur.

    2. The members of the corporate bodies and other employees of EMERGYS are obliged to provide all the information requested to them in connection with the initiation of disciplinary proceedings and in relation to the facts connected with them, in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

    Article 18
    Commitment to Fund Providers
    Fund Providers allow EMERGYS to finance its activities. Therefore, EMERGYS commits itself to:

    ■ ensure the continuity of the company;

    ■ achieve a sound return on own funds in the long term, which is proportionate to the extent of the risk in the sector;

    ■ provide relevant information in due time;

    ■ take all necessary measures to prevent transactions not permitted by law.

    Article 19
    Our conduct with regard to subcontractors
    Subcontractors provide EMERGYS with products and services that EMERGYS uses in its activities. Therefore, EMERGYS commits itself to:

    ■ select and subcontract based on generally accepted market principles;

    ■ pay competitive market prices and set reasonable requirements;

    ■ establishing a lasting and stable relationship, sharing of value, quality, in competition and reliability;

    ■ pay on time for the products and services as agreed;

    ■ promote openness and reliability in all its activities;

    ■ maintain the integrity of the relationship by not accepting invitations or favours that might jeopardize this principle.

    Article 20
    1. Those who steer on the basis of an effective implication, and considering the activities and the position of EMERGYS regarding this Deontological Code, an open and diligent attitude can be expected from EMERGYS.

    2. Consequently, EMERGYS is, where applicable, responsible for the proper application of this Deontological Code. Moreover, EMERGYS also commits itself to examine all requests, suggestions and fair claims.

    Article 21
    Declaration of Honour
    At the commencement of functions, all EMERGYS employees must sign a declaration of adherence to this Deontological Code. Subsequently, and at such intervals as may be fixed, they shall declare that, in the meantime, no violations of the principles and duties established therein have occurred.

    Article 22
    Other Provisions
    1. Should a EMERGYS employee violate simultaneously the norms provided in this Deontological Code and other norms of professional deontology to which he/she is legally bound, this Deontological Code shall only apply when the alluded rules to which the employee is bound are less demanding than those provided for in this Deontological Code, safeguarding that the professional status of the employee, in cases where it has the force of law, does not oppose that.

    2. This Deontological Code shall enter into force in each company on the day immediately following its approval by the respective Board of Directors, without prejudice to each one adopting, for its own scope, specific and complementary rules to that code.

    3. The Board of Directors reviews this Deontological Code every two years.






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    • Access to the Conference
    • Access to the Table Round
    • Event Documentation
    • 2 Coffee breaks per day during the event
    • Lunch during the Event
    • Welcome Reception
    • Gala diner
    • Transfers
    • Disclosure of business offers
    • Branding on the event website
    • Certificate of Presentation


    • Access to the Conference
    • Access to the Table Round
    • Event Documentation
    • 2 Coffee breaks per day during the event
    • Lunch during the Event
    • Welcome Reception
    • Gala diner
    • Transfers
    • Certificate of Presentation

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